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April 2018

A bimonthly celebration of our ten administrative units, their dedicated staff and our successes as a team. In this issue we highlight EVENTS & TRANSPORTATION, which provides an array of event management, parking and transportation services to the UCLA community. 

Administrative Vice Chancellor Michael J. BeckAdministrative VC Beck leads our team; submit your questions to him via email to adminvc@ucla.edu and check back here next month for an answer.

Daniel Gómez, Project Coordinator for the Department of Medicine at UCLA Health, asks, " If UCLA Health sponsors an event, is it appropriate to allow the vendor to place the UCLA Health logo at the top of all advertisements? For example: T-shirts, pamphlets, website posting? "

Daniel, it may be helpful if I provide some context before I answer your question. The use of UCLA’s name, logos, and seals (the "UCLA Marks") is governed by state law and university policy as well as state, federal and international trademark law. All of this is explained in UCLA Policy 110, which sets forth the authorized and restricted uses of the UCLA Marks. Policy 110 is currently being updated to clarify the rules and the procedures to obtain permission to use the UCLA Marks and other related insignia. Keep an eye out for the proposed revised policy, which will be distributed to the campus community via email in May; you will be provided an opportunity to suggest revisions and request clarification before any changes are finalized. 

One of the proposed changes to the policy is to permit UCLA departments to use their departmental logos in third-party sponsorships (e.g., a 5-K run, conference or other event) without my prior approval. UCLA Policy 110 will still set forth the conditions of use, but departments will now be responsible for making sure that their logo is preceded by a tagline such as "sponsor,” "event sponsor" or similar.

If an event host wants to highlight UCLA's sponsorship at the top of an advertisement, this is generally allowable so long as the appropriate tagline is clearly visible and the placement of the departmental logo does not create confusion about which entity is hosting the event. The same is true for logo placement in a program, website, brochure, T-shirt or any other context. Also, if the UCLA department is paying to have T-shirts or any other branded consumer product made to support the event, the products must be obtained through a supplier licensed by the University. This rule applies whether the promotional item will be sold or given away. 

It is important to keep in mind that outside organizations benefit from the use of a UCLA Mark-it's a powerful symbol of everything UCLA represents-so the goal is to accurately reflect rather than overstate our contribution.

All the best,


Alternative Commuting Options

This past year, for the first time ever, UCLA’s total campus drive-alone rate fell to just over 37% thanks to the many programs and promotions UCLA Transportation offers staff, faculty and students to encourage them to use alternative commute options.

Our Bruin Commuter Transit Benefit provides free transit passes for one quarter to new students and employees or anyone new to transit at UCLA. Based on their residence, participants can receive a BruinGO! Flash Pass to ride on any Santa Monica Big Blue Bus or Culver CityBus and/or a Go Metro pass to ride on any Metro bus or rail line.

The UCLA Vanpool Program includes over 150 vanpool routes coming into campus from communities as far north as Oxnard, as far east as Moreno Valley and as far south as Laguna Beach. Vanpools pick up and drop off passengers at designated times and locations in your neighborhood and on campus. Those interested in vanpooling can join our Vanpool Incentive Program, which offers one month of free vanpool if a seat on your selected route is available. 

If bicycling is a convenient way for you to get to campus, UCLA Transportation also offers the Earn-A-Bike program to eligible employees and graduate students who return their parking permit for two years. In addition to supporting UCLA initiatives such as the Climate Action Plan and Sustainable Transportation Plan, Earn-A-Bike supports the Healthy Campus Initiative’s goal to make UCLA the “healthiest campus in America.”


Share the road. Bruins are everywhere.

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Sculpt a Balanced Life

Renee FortierRenée Fortier, Executive Director of Events & Transportation, started at UCLA in 1982 and has served in her current position since 2002 so she knows a lot about forging and sustaining a career at UCLA. Along the way, she has realized the importance of maintaining balance between her professional and personal life.

About 15 years ago, Renée realized that her very fulfilling job, which requires analytical and critical thinking, had inadvertently resulted in a creative void in her personal life. Recognizing the need to create balance in her life by engaging a Man with Ball by Renee Fortierdifferent area of her brain, she began taking courses at Pasadena City College, studying human anatomy, drawing, and ceramics. Renée learned to work clay and hand-build both figurative sculptures and decorative vessels, eventually developing her own style of sculpted figures that are integrated into and emerge from objects.

Renée particularly enjoys raku, a process which involves plunging a red-hot glazed object into a pot filled with leaves, paper and other combustibles and then into a pot of water. This process creates crackling and marks in the glaze, making each object distinct and unique.

Two Heads by Renee Fortier

Renée credits sculpting with creating balance in her life, providing her with the opportunity to do something meditative that cultivates her creative impulses. She is convinced that it is good to work her brain in this way and that it helps her to be at her best at work. The evolution of shaping and sculpting clay has influenced how Renée thinks about how to shape and sculpt an evolving future for Events and Transportation.

A Friendly Face Behind the Ticket

Brian Holthausen, Parking Enforcement Officer (PEO), has spent nearly his entire 35-year University career outdoors with Events & Transportation, with the past 11 years in Parking Enforcement. While his duties include protecting campus parking spaces for legitimate permit holders and providing traffic direction for major events and campus emergencies, Brian has become the go-to officer for disabled placard sting operations to curb DMV disabled placard misuse on campus.

Brian HolthausenIn the last five years, Brian has successfully confiscated 160 disabled placards, following individual investigations that can involve repeated observations over multiple days to complete. His attention to detail and the keen sense of calmness that he brings to the job is elevated by his passion for running in extreme endurance “ultra-trail” races outside of work.

For recreation, Brian does four-to-five training runs a week of between 10-30 miles each. He’s raced in six western states, and the terrain typically covers hills, mountains, fire roads and trail grades. He completed one recent 100-mile race in approximately 33.5 hours. Brian is a true example of someone who is constantly moving in a forward motion!

Bruin Bus has new routes and new stops

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BeWell to LiveWell

As a partner in the Built Environment (BeWell) Pod of the Healthy Campus Initiative, UCLA Transportation facilitates a breadth of projects that transform campus spaces into healthy environments for students, employees and visitors. These projects Bruin Bike Shareinclude the implementation of pedestrian priority zones and protected bicycle lanes, and making lactation centers on campus cleaner and safer by working with student groups to map existing lactation spaces and analyze walking distance, times, and gaps in location and infrastructure.

Mindful music eventAdditionally, as part of a spring quarter initiative to create an inviting space for healthy activity and social engagement, BeWell, along with the MoveWell and EngageWell pods, is transforming the Court of Sciences with new tables, chairs, a solar-powered bench (Soofa), and programs such as a mindful music series, games, and other events.

Healthy Campus Initiative Revolution, May 9, 2018

To learn more about HCI, you are welcome to attend the 2018 HCI Revolution event, featuring social activities, free food, and a panel discussion about the intersection of social well-being with music, technology, culture, neuroscience and opportunities for social engagement on campus. May 9, 2018, 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., at Pauley Pavilion

Creativity from 9 to 5

No matter what kind of work you do in support of UCLA’s mission of education, research and service, you can find opportunities to add a little creativity to your day. Try one of these simple tips or use them to brainstorm other ways to activate your inner creativity while you work.

  • Add a few personal, meaningful keepsakes around your work space
  • Rearrange your desk to reflect your personal style
  • Color code your calendar
  • Craft a letter with perfect prose
  • Sketch meeting notes
  • Chat at lunch with co-workers who share your interests
  • Build a colorful rubber band ball
  • Dream big as you plan your career path


You're invited. Events & Transportation Open House on July 17, 2018

Design a Joyful Career

The #1 New York Times Best Seller Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life explores a question asked by two Stanford professors, "How do you design the career and the life that you love?" Authors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans started out as successful Silicon Valley executives and then they created a class at Stanford University called “Designing Your Life,” which quickly took off as one of the most popular and meaningful classes offered on campus. Though these concepts originated in a class for college-aged students, they are completely relevant for all ages and stages in life.

The professors suggest that we can use “design thinking” concepts to help us reshape our careers.  In other words, it’s about exploring career and life alternatives with a mind-set of curiosity and creativity. The book also challenges its readers to debunk certain beliefs about work.  For instance, the belief that there are good careers and bad careers can be reframed to embrace the concept that there are careers that are a good or bad match for you.  Through a series of exercises and internal reflection, the book also helps readers to learn more about themselves so that a more successful career match is within reach for everyone.

Follow a few key principles of design thinking to reenergize your career and explore new possibilities.

  • Be Curious: view your options with a “beginner’s mind” perspective
  • Try Stuff: Commit to “doing” something new, NOT just thinking about doing something new
  • Reframe Problems: Examine your biases to become unstuck
  • Know It’s a Process: Learn to let go of an idea if it is a good, but not great solution
  • Ask for Help: It takes collaboration to be truly successful

Why recommend a book about creating a framework for your professional path?  First of all, our lives are constantly changing and evolving. In this climate of ever accelerating technological advances in our work and personal lives, it’s especially important to step back and evaluate our attitudes towards our interests and goals and how they impact our careers.  It is an exciting process to build your own compass, and this book brings insight and a plan for how to do this in a coherent way.  One of the mottos from the companion workbook entitled The Designing Your Life Workbook is: “Follow what engages and excites you, what brings you ALIVE” and through a logical series of reflections and other exercises, this book makes these aspirations possible. 

Your future is bright


Our goal is to make UCLA Administration a great place to work. UCLA Administration’s 2018 Work Environment Survey launched on April 10 because your ideas matter and are important to the organization. The information collected through this survey is a valuable tool to guide us as we work together to make UCLA Administration the best that we can be. Our goal is 100% participation. So, if you haven't already, please complete the survey before Friday, April 27. Remember that your individual responses cannot be identified and any comments included in the final report are completely anonymous. 

 Sample survey question

The survey results are used for three main purposes:

1. Making positive changes in areas that need improvement

2. Identifying and building up areas of strength

3. Achieving results that move our organization forward

Your voices will be heard and the survey results will stimulate positive change. Here are some examples of what has been done since the last survey:

  • UCLA Administration implemented News & Views, a bi-monthly newsletter, to highlight employee accomplishments and promote cross-departmental communications.
  • UCPD increased career growth opportunities, including the creation of additional positions and specialty assignments.
  • CTO implemented a formalized suggestion program and has replaced or upgraded equipment. 
  • HHS implemented an online system for storing and sharing Standard Operating Procedures to assist with onboarding new team members and training refreshers.
  • CHR increased release time for career development opportunities and updated its tools and equipment such as printers, laptops, LCD’s, and VPN capabilities.
  • E&T improved office cleanliness and ergonomics, addressed safety issues and increased channels of communications at all levels.

We will continue these efforts and many more based on this year's survey.

Thanks to all of you who have responded so far!




Service Excellence Awards

First-rate customer service for all our campus clients is a top priority. In each issue of News & Views, we'll honor UCLA Administration employees who go above and beyond our expectations in demonstrating exemplary customer service. To nominate an employee, please submit a brief description and photo via email to adminvc@ucla.edu.

Alonso CasillasPart of the Fleet & Transit team, Alonso Casillas exhibits True Bruin Values every day at UCLA. However, he was particularly outstanding in customer service and teamwork in January, which is the second busiest time of the year for BruinCar rentals. He assisted in dispatching vehicles and coordinating internal and external rentals, all while completing his individual job responsibilities. Alonso also provided valet service for renters who were placed into third-party vehicles during overflow times by moving vehicles from the roof of Structure 8 to the fueling facility. When the central key dispatch system had software issues, Alonso was able to support the team and meet customers at the central key valet to assist with their vehicle needs.

Linn RyderLinn Rider from the Parking Services unit is being recognized for his exceptional teamwork and work performance. He has been instrumental in helping with the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center valet operation transition by hiring and training over 100 students. Linn has assumed the large responsibility of scheduling over 120 students, along with managing day-to-day operations. Understanding how working together affects the level of service provided, Linn promotes a team environment among student and career employees. He consistently remains positive during his shift, and is constantly reminding and encouraging staff to work safely.

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Behind the Scenes at UCLA

By a wide margin, spring quarter is the busiest time of year for the UCLA Events Office. Over spring break, preparations were kicked into high gear as the absence of academic activity freed up campus venues for revenue generating external film shoots and events. The Events Office coordinated two TV program shoots for ESPN and HBO, as well as a major superhero franchise film shoot.


An Events Office employee is on site “behind the scenes,” managing the shoot during the entire day and providing assistance whenever needed. Production and catering crews arrive early, around 5:00 a.m., to begin setting up equipment, including tables, cameras and lighting. Crew members then set up and dress the scene for the particular shoot of the day. Hours later, the actors arrive for the actual filming. At the end of the day, which could be as long as 10-14 hours depending on the complexity of the shoot, the production crew strikes the scene and breaks down all the equipment.

Film shoot at Royce Hall Portico

The Events Office also coordinated campus services for a national comparative literature conference (ACLA) with 2,200 attendees using about 60 classrooms per day over a three-day period. Revenue from external events and film shoots is used to support services for student events and activities on campus, which are provided free of charge.

UC Path arrives September 2018

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Murphy Hall Safety Fair

The UCLA Warden Program, coordinated through the Office of Emergency Management, is comprised of staff who volunteer their time to prepare for and respond to emergencies on campus. Wardens are dedicated to fostering an emergency preparedness culture for all staff, faculty, and students who frequent campus and help to lead evacuations and coordinate communication during an emergency.

Murphy Hall Safety FairIn 2017, Murphy Hall Facility Warden Rai Pollard recruited wardens from the various departments in the building to establish the current corps of Murphy Hall Wardens, leveraging existing programs to better coordinate emergency preparedness efforts for all. After one year, Murphy Hall has a robust corps of wardens who are committed to serving the Murphy Hall community in an emergency.

Murphy Hall Safety Fair, learn about training opportunitiesOn March 22, the Murphy Hall Wardens hosted their inaugural Safety Fair. Although the pouring rain drove everyone inside, spirits were high and more than 150 people attended the fair. Representatives from the Murphy Hall warden program were on hand to inform building occupants about the program and recruit Area Wardens.  

Participants also had the opportunity to learn about training opportunities through the UCLA Office of Emergency Management, chat with UCLA Police officers about emergency preparedness, and put out a simulated fire to practice fire extinguisher skills.

Murphy Hall Safety Fair, chat with police officers

Murphy Hall Safety Fair, practice fire extinguisher skills

During an emergency, it is helpful to be familiar with the various people and departments on your floor and in your building. The bottom line during an emergency is that we may only have one another to depend upon until emergency responders are able to reach us.

Learn more about the UCLA Warden Program

List of contributors to April issue of UCLA Administration News & ViewsIf you have any questions about this issue or would like to submit photos or story ideas for future issues, please email adminvc@ucla.edu.

Chief Lee Charms the Crowd

Police Chief Tony Lee talks to guests

UCLA Administration’s first Open House, hosted March 6, at Bruin Plate on the Hill was a big success. Police Chief Tony Lee chatted with about 35 team members from across the organization, sharing his experiences as an officer and as UCLA’s newest chief. Tony also announced the pending adoption of a new K-9 puppy to join K-9 Kylo in service to the UCLA Police force.

Bruin Plate provided delicious samples of smoothies

Bruin Plate supplied a stunning spread of smoothies, yogurt parfaits, healthy baked goods, and more! It was a feast of both food and camaraderie. Many colleagues gathered to enjoy a bite, become acquainted or reminisce with old friends.

Happy guests at the Open House

Thank you, Chief Lee, for your friendly, open rapport and sense of humor. We had a great time!

Guest enjoyed visiting together

Guests enjoying good food and a laugh


Watch a young Chief Lee in action!

Watch Chief Lee in action