Organizational Effectiveness & Development

Organizational Effectiveness and Development (OED) is a central support unit within UCLA Administration. OED provides best practices, research support, and learning opportunities to all departments within the division to create a high-performing work environment. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of our clients to achieve their desired results.

OED offers a range of services that includes training, survey development, strategic planning and change management to name a few.

OED Team

Julie Bollinger
(310) 794-6772

Joanne Chang
People, Research and Performance Consultant
(310) 794-6774

Christopher DeMaci
People, Research and Performance Consultant
(310) 794-0426

Brenda Garland
Technology Learning Program Manager
(310) 267-5043

Geraldine Zvara
Performance Improvement & Organizational Development Manager
(310) 794-6775