Request a use

We recommend that you have the following items ready before you begin your request:  

  • For requests on behalf of a campus unit, you will identify your campus affiliation, incuding organization, division, sub-division and department. If you do not know this information, consult the official organizational heirarchy or phone 310-825-4310 for assistance.
  • PDF file with samples of each proposed use
  • PDF file with copies of any relevant invoices, contracts or agreements

Respond to the prompts at the end of each page to locate the appropriate online form. Once submitted, your request will route to the appropriate campus authority for review. You will then receive an email notification when a determination has been made, usually within about 48 hours. 


Select the option below that best describes your proposed use of the UCLA Marks.

Helpful information

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional assistance.

UCLA Brand Guidelines

All authorized uses of the UCLA Marks must follow these guidelines.