For the purposes of UCLA Policy 110, the following definitions apply.

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Affiliated Professional Associations
professional associations or organizations that register with a Campus Unit and exclusively support UCLA's mission of education, research and service (e.g., Administrative Management Group (CHR), Anderson Veterans Association (UCLA Anderson), Staff Assembly (CHR))

Branded Consumer Product
any product bearing the Unofficial Seal or any of the UCLA Marks, whether intended to sell or to give away (e.g., clothing, bags, towels, umbrellas, novelties, souvenirs, etc.)

Campus Units 
campus organizations, divisions, departments and entities that are officially and formally recognized as UCLA institutions (e.g., administrative units; operational divisions; academic departments; Academic Senate; UCLA Library; College; professional schools; centers, institutes and organized research units (ORU); and UCLA Extension)

Domain Name
all or part of an electronic address used to identify and locate an Internet site or service, such as a website (e.g., identifies the College of Letters and Science at UCLA)

  • Top-Level Domain
    that portion of the Domain Name that appears to the right of the right-most dot (e.g., "com" in or "edu" in
  • Internal Domain Name
    a Domain Name registered by a Campus Unit or Registered Campus Organization directly under the domain (e.g., or
  • External UCLA Domain Name
    a Domain Name registered by a Campus Unit or Registered Campus Organization under any top-level domain other than "edu," whether or not the Domain Name contains a UCLA Campus Name (e.g., or
  • UCLA Domain Name
    an authorized Internal UCLA Domain Name or External UCLA Domain Name
  • UCLA Sub-Domain
    the portion of the domain name that precedes the UCLA Domain Name (e.g., "anderson" is the sub-domain in

Plain Text Font
a sans serif font (e.g., Times Roman, Courier, New Century Schoolbook, Palatino, etc.) that is clearly distinguishable from the UCLA Primary Logos and excludes styles (e.g. bold, italic, underline) that emphasize the UCLA Campus Names over other text or content. 

Publication or Broadcast
print publications, press releases, advertisements, digital media, websites, and any format intend for public broadcast (e.g., film, video, television)

Registered Campus Organization
any officially registered group with membership predominantly comprised of UCLA students or employees, as outlined in the UCLA Regulations on Activities, Registered Campus Organizations, and Use of Properties (e.g., campus organizations, student organizations, interest groups, support groups, club sports, fraternities and sororities)

financial or in-kind support given to an event, organization or activity in exchange for acknowledgement, recognition or promotion of UCLA or Campus Units

any non-University, non-UCLA, outside entity, including non-profit groups and non-registered student organizations on campus (e.g., vendors, service providers, grant providers, unregistered fan clubs, unregistered student groups, unregistered interest groups, unregistered support groups)

UCLA Brand Guidelines  
the official set of instructions and directions regarding the proper use of UCLA Marks, graphic elements and identity systems

UCLA Marks  
any representation used to identify and distinguish the goods and services of UCLA from those of others (see examples of UCLA Marks)

  • UCLA Campus Names
    any expression of the name University of California Los Angeles, UCLA, or any other name which includes these designations (e.g., UCLA Health, UCLA Humanities, UCLA Cotsen Institute for Archaeology, etc.) 
  • UCLA Primary Logos
    the official UCLA Campus Logo, UCLA Script Logo and any other graphic elements designated in the UCLA Brand Guidelines 
  • UCLA Campus Logo 
    the primary logos used for academic and administrative purposes, including the letters “UCLA” in specific and original letterforms as depicted in the UCLA Brand Guidelines, which may only be reproduced in a manner consistent with this Policy and the UCLA Brand Guidelines
  • UCLA School/Department Logo 
    a graphic "lock-up" that includes the UCLA Campus Logo and school/department signature, which is created by UCLA Strategic Communications and may only be reproduced in a manner consistent with this Policy and the UCLA Brand Guidelines 
  • UCLA Script Logo  
    the official logo reserved for UCLA Intercollegiate Athletics (UCLA Athletics), including the letters “UCLA” in script letterforms as depicted in the UCLA Brand Guidelines
  • UCLA Seal 
    the campus version of the Unofficial Seal reading “University of California Los Angeles” or the abbreviation “UCLA”

UCLA Policy 110: Use of the University’s Names, Seals, and UCLA Trademarks 
a policy instituted in 1998 to set forth the authorized and restricted uses of the UCLA Marks as well as the limitations on UCLA’s use of other University Assets

UCLA Regulations on Activities, Registered Campus Organizations, and Use or Properties 
the campus regulations that define registered campus organizations and how they may conduct activities on campus

University Assets 
a collective reference to the UCLA Marks, University Names and University Seals 

  • University Names  
    the name “University of California,” the abbreviation “UC” and any other name or abbreviation that has University-wide application or is a concern to more than one University of California campus, as permitted by DA 0864 
  • University Seals  
    seals specific to the University of California with University-wide application, including the Official Seal and Unofficial Seal 
  • Official Seal  
    the seal of the Regents of the University of California reading “Seal of the University of California, 1868,” which is strictly reserved for official uses as determined by the Regents 
  • Unofficial Seal 
    the replica of the Official Seal without the words “seal of” used for a variety of University and commercial uses, as permitted by DA 0865

company, supplier, institution or person that is paid to provide goods or services to UCLA or Campus Units