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Our goal is to help you find a way to use the UCLA Marks to meet your objectives while adhering to policy and the UCLA Brand Guidelines.

If you have any questions about Policy 110, the UCLA Marks, the UCLA Brand Guidelines, or the online request system, you are welcome to request a consultation. The appropriate department will get back to you to address your concerns.

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UCLA Policy 110 and Brand Guidelines

Administrative Vice Chancellor

Administrative Vice Chancellor Michael Beck is the delegated authority on campus with the responsibility to maintain and enforce UCLA Policy 110. If you have questions about the policy or how it affects your use of UCLA Marks, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Laurraine (Rai) Pollard
Assistant to Admin Vice Chancellor
(310) 825-4310
[email protected]

Michael J. Beck
Administrative Vice Chancellor
(310) 825-2411
[email protected]

Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications is charged with maintaining the UCLA Brand Guidelines and assisting campus units in their proper use so UCLA consistently projects a cohesive message.

Kate Halkett
Senior Director, Marketing
Strategic Communications
(310) 825-8980
[email protected]

Including "UCLA" in a website address (URL) constitutes a use of a UCLA Mark, which requires permission. The office of Digital Strategies manages all URL assignments under the UCLA domain "UCLA.EDU." 

Gary Stevens
Director, Digital Strategies
Strategic Communications
(310) 794-9061
[email protected]

Branded Consumer Products

Trademarks & Licensing

ASUCLA, through the office of Trademarks & Licensing, is the delegated authority on campus to approve consumer branded products and commercial uses of the UCLA Marks. Additional information is available at the UCLA Trademarks & Licensing website.

Bonita Alford
Corporate Responsibility and Campus Liaison
Trademarks & Licensing
(310) 794-8851
[email protected]

Cynthia Holmes
Licensing Director
Trademarks & Licensing
(310) 794-8852
[email protected]

Campus Units 

Consult with your campus communications representative regarding the proper use of UCLA Marks for your department, division or school.

The following campus units have supplemental brand guidelines and requirements:

Alumni affairs

Registered support organizations may be granted use of the UCLA Marks, which is coordinated through the office of Alumni Affairs.

Nancy Mendez
Senior Director of Finance, Advancement Services 
External Affairs
(310) 267-1825
[email protected]


At Anderson, the marketing and communications department reviews all uses of UCLA Marks in promotional and other products and materials.

Patricia Godefroy
Associate Dean, Marketing and Communications
Anderson School of Management
(310) 825-9983
[email protected]


UCLA Fielding School of Public Health has instituted additional brand and graphic standards in tandem with the UCLA Brand Guidelines.  Additional information is available at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health Identity Guidelines website.

Carla Denly
Director of Communications
Fielding School of Public Health
(310) 825-6738
c[email protected]

School of dentistry

All uses of UCLA Marks to promote Dentistry programs and services are reviewed through the dean's office.

Brianna Aldrich
Director of Communications
School of Dentistry
(310) 206-0835
[email protected]


UCLA Health maintains additional brand and graphic standards in concert with the UCLA Brand Guidelines.  Additional information is available at the UCLA Health Brand Identity Guidelines website.

Lori Rico
Publications Coordinator
UCLA Health
(310) 267-3075
[email protected]

Phil Hampton 
Media Relations Director
UCLA Health
(310) 267-7014
p[email protected]

Student Organizations

Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement

SOLE reviews the proposed use of the UCLA Marks to promote registered student organizations, their programs or activities.

Michael Cohn
Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement
(310) 206-8821
[email protected]