Welcome to marks.ucla.edu, your online guide to using UCLA's name, seals, marks and domain names (collectively "UCLA Marks"). This one-stop, online system facilitates requests to use the UCLA Marks, helping you to navigate policy provisions and to obtain the appropriate permissions.


You have two options to submit a request to obtain authorization to use the UCLA Marks. Either way, your request will auto-route to the appropriate campus authority and you'll be notified via email after the determination is made.

1. Click on guided submission below, and we'll walk you through the steps to submit a request. Simply respond to the prompt on each page to be directed to the appropriate form.

Guided Submission

2. If you are familiar with the process and know which form is appropriate, use the direct access option instead. 

Direct Access

help is available

We are happy to answer questions about how to submit a request and how to use the UCLA Marks properly once authorization has been granted. 

Schedule a Consultation

misAPPROPRIATION of the ucla marks

Have you spotted our logo in an inappropriate context? Let us know about suspected misuses of the UCLA Marks so we can investigate and take action as appropriate.

Report a Suspected Violation